The 2011 Arsies: January 28, 2011

January 28, 2011

Just between you and me, I woke up this morning convinced that Dimmu Borgir had this one in the bag. I remember thinking, when I first heard their latest album, that they'd finally nailed that whole galloping-through-a-frozen-Norwegian-wood sound without taking themselves too seriously. And then I listened to both "Abrahadabra" and "Exhibit B" today, back to back. And you know what? I have to give it to Exodus, whose album this year is so impressive, it makes me want to go back and re-listen to the last thing they put out. I'm as shocked as you are, but there it is. Exodus faces Dark Tranquility in the Quarterfinals!
Monday, it's High on Fire and Ihsahn in a mashup of the damned.

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