The 2011 Arsies: January 21, 2011

January 21, 2011

Closing out the week are two bands who've definitely been around the block a few times: Overkill and Sevendust.
Sevendust went first with their eighth album, "Cold Day Memory." It's good. Really good. A nice tasty blend of 90s-style post-nu-metal with more current emo sensibilities. As a fan of production values, I especially like how often they rely on brickwall noise gates and walls of distortion that stop on a dime.
But c'mon now. You didn't really think that any old band could challenge Overkill Inc. and survive, did you? It's no accident that "Ironbound," Overkill's 15th album, sounds a lot like their 10th or their 5th. They're gonna keep putting out the same kind of music, for always. And it's always gonna make me smile to hear DD Verni's bass and Blitz's vocals (amazing that he still sounds as good as he ever did), and a galloping thrash that speeds like a runaway taxi. "Ironbound" is everything you'd come to expect from Overkill, and it's more than enough to take the prize away from Sevendust.
Enjoy your weekend, kidlets. On Monday, we see how comments powered by Disqus